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Dear Weight Watchers: I’m sorry. Please take me back?

So while I’ve had a great few months running around the northwest of England with my amazing boyfriend FIANCE! (that’s right! I’m engaged! but that’s another story for another post) this has led to some neglect in other parts of my life.

I stopped running. I felt (oh, who am I kidding – FEEL) really self-conscious being around a bunch of fit 18 year olds. I don’t want to run. I don’t want people to look at me. This is the same issue I had when I wanted to start running a year ago. And I need to put my big girl pants on and getthehelloverit. Because, really, no one pays attention. When I’m out and I see people running, whether they’re in shape or working to get there, I don’t think a thing about it. (Well, actually, I’m jealous). So I’m assuming most people are the same.

And I quit WW. I live in a dorm, and eat dining hall food, and I told myself there was no way to stay on plan because of that. That’s just not true. It is true that I often eat the worst options there but there are AMAZING options as well, that would let me stay OP. I just chose not to eat them.

While the jeans I brought with me still fit, they are a bit tighter, and that’s a no-go.

I have a lot to look forward to – the fiance and I are going home in April, where I will try on wedding gowns and have engagement pics taken. I want to feel good and not be miserable for some of the most exciting events in my life.

I went to and found a WW meeting that is close to campus and convenient on Tuesdays. I will print out the coupon on Monday and march myself in there on Tuesday. I will also stop eating french fries for dinner.



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