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Closet Shopping!

Guess who went shopping? Guess who didn’t have to spent any money on said shopping trip?

That’s right. This girl.

I did the BEST kind of shopping ever – closet shopping! And boy, did I find some awesome stuff (none of which fit at all before!)

NY&Co Cami and Old Navy white shirt:


DKNY tank & same Old Navy shirt:

“Casualty of Love” t shirt. I bought this when I went to see “The Wedding Singer” on Broadway:

And last but certainly not least, the coolest hat in the world:

Ok. Admittedly, this fit before. I just had to show you. I know you’re jealous. This hat is guarded by a fierce guard dog, I’ll have you know. Lest any of you have any sneaky ideas about stealing it.

Guard dog:




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Nummy Nummy

I think I am seriously the last person on the vitatop bandwagon. I’d always wanted to try one, but was never willing to pay for like, 12 at a time plus shipping.

Luckily, my local Giant Foods has begun carrying some Vitatops and Vitamuffins. They are on sale this week, and I went and got a box of the deep chocolate vitatops. Holy moly, these things are good.

The vitalicious website has a store locator so you can find the closest place selling these little pieces of happiness wrapped in plastic.

I want to try the mint ones, but alas, they are not sold at Giant. There are a few other stores near me that supposedly stock vitamuffins and vitatops so I will be calling them this week.

I also found these: Baked Salt and Vinegar Chips. They were very yum as well, albeit a little more vinager-y than I normally like. The jury is still out on whether I’ll be buying my popchips or the kettle chips to satisfy the S&V cravings.  For now, I’ll just bask in my S&V happiness and do some blind taste tests. 🙂 Any excuse to eat salt and vinegar chips.

On another note, I did week 2, day one of C25K yesterday. Yay! I still hate running when lots of people are around – I’m very self conscious and think I must look like more like Phoebe than Rachel.

I also hate running in glasses. It stinks but, sadly, I am out of contact lenses. Boo and hiss.


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Reason number 1,385 that I want to get skinny (and healthy, of course).

For years, my standard wardrobe choices have included things that are frumpy, oversized, and boring. Things that say “No! Don’t look at me! Pretend as if I’m not here!”  Huge sweatshirts, blue jeans, boots and sneakers.

It’s a shame because I like to think I have great taste in clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. But when I weigh more, I don’t feel like I deserve to buy, let alone wear, nice or cute things.

In the last year or so, I’ve become a huge fan of Etsy.com. It’s awesome, and I am a huge fan of supporting the immensely talented people there. As I browse the site from time to time, I come across some amazingly beautiful clothes that I wish desperately I could wear.

When I reach goal weight, I will buy this dress and this top, custom made to fit me, of course. Paired with amazing shoes. *sigh.*

So, these are a few of the things that keep me motivated as I continue along with my weight loss journey.

What are some things that motivate you?


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