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I’m here! I’m alive! I’m off the wagon!

So I fell off the WW wagon, hard. And then it ran me over a few times.

I don’t know what is going on in my head. I was doing really, really well, then I wasn’t, then I got back on track, then last week…boom. Off.

So, again. Starting today. Tracking. Running. Taking better care of myself in general.



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Mish Mash

1. England vs. USA on Saturday. After an extensive examination of each roster, I’ve decided to root for…USA. I know, right? I was shocked too. They have more hot players though, and I can’t mess with my system. Plus, I hate Wayne Rooney. Yes. I said it. I hate Wayne Rooney.

2. I am still steadily losing weight. HOWEVER, I am not tracking and not eating food I should be eating. I also haven’t been running once this week, and that’s no good. Last night, in an act of desperation, I wrote this on my arm:

It totally didn’t work. I worked all morning, no breaks, and by the time I had a break long enough for a run, it was hot out. *whine.* I know, I know. Excuses, excuses. Tomorrow, I am back on it. I don’t care if I have to run at high noon and it’s 125 degrees.

3. I am madly in love with Katy Perry’s new, inane song, California Gurls. Seriously, it’s just amazingly catchy and awesome. It’s been added to the running playlist.

4. I have registered for my next 5K: Race for the Paws, Dewey Beach, DE. I get to run and help animals in the process. What could be better?

5. If anyone out there is looking for a money-making opportunity, I’ve got one for you: taking photographs at 5ks and other assorted sporting/athletic events. I paid 12.00 PLUS 7.00 shipping for FOUR PHOTOGRAPHS from the Blue Hen 5K. *harrumph.*

Annnnnd…that’s about all I have today. šŸ˜€

Is anyone out there watching the world cup matches this weekend? Who are you rooting for? More importantly, in your opinion, who is the hottest player?


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My First 5K!

Wow! There is so much to write about. I just wrote a post about my cousin’s graduation and I have another to do. Today was my first 5K, the Blue Hen 5K in Newark, Delaware. I had such an amazing time in Newark for the 19 hours I was there, so I will start at the beginning!

I stayed with one of my best friends, Kathy, who is a frequent poster on my blog. šŸ™‚ (Hi Kathy!). When I arrived, Kathy was being all domestic and baking strawberry oatmeal scones:

She’s so domestic! They were very nummy. I ate half of one after dinner, which I’ll talk about later :).

The first thing we did was to go out and about on campus. I graduated from UD in 2005 and I miss it SO much! I am totally *that* girl who is ridiculously in love with her former university. I think I bleed blue and gold, seriously.

The first thing we did was to go see Memorial Hall, which is where I spent most of my time as an English Lit major:

My absolute favorite part of campus is near Memorial Hall, and they’re called The Kissing Arches. I heard the history of this campus spot early on in my UD career, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I am such a girly girl. I love it! There is a great description of the Kissing Arches on the UD virtual tour:

The archways on The Green, which link Memorial Hall with Brown Lab on its left and Hullihen Hall on its right, are known as the “kissing arches.” Between 1914 and 1945, The Green was actually home to two schools: Delaware College on the North Green and the Women’s College on the South Green. Memorial Library, built in 1924, was the only building shared by both schools, and the arches served as a meeting and departure point for students at the two colleges. Even after the two schools merged, the south campus continued to serve as the home for female students for many years, and the archways are still known as the “kissing arches” today.

All together now: awww.

True story: I totally want to get married under the kissing arches. Seriously. Love it.

We walked up to Main Street, just off campus, and had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants: Peace A Pizza. When I was at UD, I probably ate there once or twice a week. The pizza was amaaaaazing and cheap. It was close to campus, open late, and all -around awesome.

You know how sometimes you remember a food being amazing, and you get so excited about eating it again, but you’ve built it up in your head so much that when you finally do have it, it’s not as good as you remember? Yeah, I hate that. Luckily, that’s *not* what happened at Peace A Pizza, my friends. Not at all.

I got a slice of mozzarella, tomato, and basil and a slice of their white pizza. Both were oh-my-freaking-God good, and just as amazing as I remembered.

Then we went to the National 5&10 because they have every single UD item imaginable, and I wanted something fun to wear for the race! I really wanted this hat:

I decided against it, though, as I figured it might be a bit too warm. šŸ˜€ So I went with the feather hair clips. They were 1.49 each and worth every single penny. Love them!

We continued our walk around campus, visiting the new dorms that I am so sad I wasn’t able to live in, my old dorm (go Squire Hall!), and some other assorted places:

After we went back to her apartment, we watched Love Actually (best. movie. ever) and went to bed. The 5K started at 8:30 the next morning! We had to get a good night’s sleep. šŸ™‚

The Blue Hen 5K

So, the 5K started at 8:30. We got there at 7:30 to register, get our stuff, and mill around. I was very sad that I couldn’t take my camera but I didn’t want to run with it, so I left it in the car. I did get some photos, though.

Here is the sign at the starting point:

And here’s me in my Blue Hen 5K attire the night before the race (I had to take the feathers for a little test drive…)

Yay for feathers! My t-shirt was homemade. I bought a yellow t-shirt and wrote my name in blue and glued some blue feathers around them. (UD’s mascot is a Blue Hen…hence all the feathers).

So basically, my thoughts on the race: I LOVED it. When we started, I was a bit disheartened because it seemed like everyone who was running was SO much faster than me, and I felt a little silly. But then it occurred to me that it doesn’t matter. No one else at that race mattered. I set a goal for myself (complete it in under 50 minutes) and I didn’t have to worry about anyone else. And, three months ago, I’d have never even considered running a 5K. So, I have a lot to be proud of.

The other thing I noticed was that the environment was so incredibly fun and positive. At my old gym, I remember feeling really intimidated and shy and like I was being watched and judged by the people who lived, ate, and slept the gym. It felt like a really judgy, competitive environment, and I didn’t feel that way at all at the 5K. There were people running and walking, new and experienced runners, people there to compete and people there for fun. It was so awesome!

The first mile and the last mile weren’t bad at all. The second mile was slightly torturous, and I was sweating like a fiend. The humidity was no joke.

My official finishing time was 47:42.

After the race, we got powerade, water, fresh fruit, and granola bars at the finish line. I plopped down in the grass to wait for Kathy and her friend Patoul, who walked the course and finished with a faboosh time of 55 minutes!

They gave us a pretty awesome shirt for participating. It’s not cotton, but really light, running-friendly fabric and it has a Blue Hen on it, so it’s a win-win, really. šŸ˜€ So the below photos: my number (99), the awesome shirt (post race) and me back at Kathy’s, still ridiculously sweaty and gross but uber proud of finishing my first 5k!


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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a proud graduate of the C25K running program! *cue “Eye of the Tiger”*

I’m not going to lie – I got a little teary when I started the run and was about 5 minutes into it. For one, I honestly never thought I’d be able to finish C25K. I figured I’d start and be all gung-ho, but would let it fall by the wayside, a thousand different excuses at the ready. (I’m the queen of finding excuses for not exercising or eating right).

For another, I can’t even put into words how incredible it feels to actually be *using* my body for something. Before starting WW and C25K, the most exercise I ever got was going upstairs to get the charger for my iPod when iPpy McSkinny got low on juice. And I definitely wouldn’t go upstairs TWICE in a short period of time! Pshaw. I wasn’t taking care of myself at all. Mostly because I was depressed and didn’t know how to yank myself out of the situation.I didn’t see any *reason* to even make the attempt.

It is truly amazing how things can turn around in such a short amount of time. I, for one, am very grateful that I got the push I needed to start making myself as happy and healthy as I possibly can. Honestly, life is too short to spend even a single day miserable and sad. I spent the better part of a year in that state, and I refuse to go back to that.

OK. Now that I’ve gotten the mushy stuff out of the way….IĀ  mapped my run on mapquest and here’s a screenshot of my final C25K route!

Mapquest tells me it was 1.02 miles. So, I did 2.04 miles in 30 minutes. I think I can probably do 5K in 50 minutes, which has been my goal all along for the Blue Hen 5K in a few weeks!!!

Eeek. I can’t believe it’s in like….2.5 weeks!!!! I’m really nervous and excited and just all around happy about it!

I still need to make my feathered tshirt though. I should go to Michael’s today and see what I can scrounge up in the way of supplies. šŸ˜€


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I finished week 6 of C25K yesterday (yaaaay, me!) It was a five minute warm-up walk, twenty-five minute jog, and then a five minute cool-down walk.Ā  Supposedly you were supposed to run 2.25 miles. I clocked mine in the car after the run and I actually ran 1.6 miles. I’m sloooooooow. That’s OK though. šŸ™‚ I aim to finish C25k by May 15th. That then gives me 3 weeks to just work on running faster, and then the Blue Hen 5K is on June 5th.

As I was running, it occurred to me that I would have definitely said I couldn’t ever run a 5K prior to starting my WLJ and C25K.

When I was running today, about 5 minutes into it, I got that feeling. You know the one I’m talking about. It comes around with anything that’s difficult, whether it’s running the NY Marathon or not eating the third bag of Oreos. The feeling that it’s just too difficult, and then wondering if, in the end, it’s really worth it?

I thought, “Ugh. I don’t want to be doing this. I have a blister on my feet, my legs feel like lead, how in the world am I going to survive another 20 minutes of this nonsense?” I pushed forward, and around the ten minute mark I was feeling pretty good and running a bit faster. I kept going, waving at the nice people in the neighborhood, and thanked my lucky stars when iPpy McSkinny announced “You are halfway there.”

Then I thought, “Ugh, only halfway? This blows!” Again, I wanted to stop. I thought about how nice it would be to be home, soaking in a bath. Or at home, watching last night’s “Lost” on Hulu. Or doing anything, really, other than sweating up a storm.

At the twenty minute mark, I thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad.” When I did the twenty-minute run last week, the last few minutes were torture. It definitely wasn’t that bad this time.

So, I finished my 25 minutes/1.6 miles and walked about 10 minutes after it, to get home. As I walked, I realized that there is a big difference between “can’t” and “don’t want to,” although months ago, I didn’t know it. The two were one and the same in my head.Ā  I certainly COULD have refused to eaten the 4th Cadbury Creme Egg in a row. I definitely didn’t want to. Therefore, in my head, I couldn’t put down the egg.

The same goes for the C25k training. Yes, when I was running today, I thought, “I can’t do this!” In reality, at the time, I just didn’t want to. I think part of it is a defense mechanism – if I say I can’t do something, it’s taking the responsibility away from me, thus limiting the failure that I’m sure is coming. Prior to starting this weight loss journey/exercise routine, the thought of failure was a complete nightmare. For a long time, I preferred doing nothing about it to trying to do it and failing. I suppose since I’ve crashed and burned in my weight loss before, I just didn’t think I could handle doing it again. Does that make sense?

Anyway, it was a good realization to have. A lot of the things I say I can’t do, really are just things I don’t want to do, because for me, they’re really hard and I’m afraid of failure.Ā  When I said years ago that I can’t lose weight…well, really, I just didn’t want to try. It’s such a daunting task.Ā  If losing weight and being fit and healthy and eating “normally” were easy, I (and everyone else around) would look like a Swedish bikini model and you’d be hard-pressed to get me to wear clothes. Ever.

Perhaps it’s best I not get *that* skinny. I’d never be able to leave the house again, because I’d just be naked all the time.

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And the first 5K is…

…The Blue Hen 5K!

I’m doing well with my C25K training. I started week 5 today, and although day two is scaring the pants off of me, I’m excited to finish! I’ve been thinking of signing up for a 5K but haven’t for a number of reasons. First of all, well, I wonder if I can really do it. Second, I wanted one far enough in the future that I have enough time to finish C25K. Third….well…I’m just nervous.

So I was looking for 5Ks around June, and lo and behold, my alma mater has come through. The Blue Hen 5K is June 5th at 8:30 AM. I chose this race for a number of reasons:

1. I have plenty of time to finish C25K and have a few weeks buffer, in case I need some extra time.

2. It’s at UD. I love UD šŸ˜€

3. My friend Kathy is doing it as well (right Kathy????)

4. I get a UD 5K t-shirt.

5. There is a prize for the runner displaying the most UD spirit. This gives me an excuse to glue blue feathers to a yellow shirt. And make a funny blue and gold hat. And run!

6. The $$$ raised benefits a UD scholarship program.

It’s a win all around!!! I’m kind of excited :D.


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*happy dance*

If you had asked me 3 months ago if I’d be able to run for 5 minutes without stopping, I’d have laughed (and maybe taken comfort in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s).

I did Week 4 Day 1 of C25K today. I wasn’t going to, but for two things:

1. It’s gorrrrrrrgeous outside.

2. I took a scale peek (Bad Kristen! Bad!) and I loooooved the number I saw, so I wanted to do whatever I could to keep it at that for WI on Friday.

I knew Week 4 included 5 minute running. I was dreading it.Ā  I didn’t realize that it included TWO five minute runs!!!! But I did them both and I did the three minute runs as well and it really just hit me that even though I *think * I can’t do something, it doesn’t mean I can’t!!!!! I’m often surprised at all of the things I’m learning I can do, when I just put my mind to it.

Oh, and on 5 minute run #2, this song is what got me through:

Apparently Big Bang are my guardian angels of weight loss and exercise. Who knew.


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