The Girl Behind The Blog

Here’s me!

I’m just another twenty-something girl trying to lose weight and get healthy. I am from the east coast of the US. I studied English Lit (B.A.) and TESOL (M.A.)  I’m now doing what I’ve always dreamed of: living in England and enjoying life with a wonderful man. :D. I’m a postgraduate student at the University of Liverpool. My favourite word is “conundrum.” I’m not English, yet I feel the need to spell “favourite” with a “u.” I love all of the following things: Martin McDonagh, Lewis Carroll, Coach handbags, scary ghost movies, movies with sharks, The Big Bang Theory, Korean pop music, the feeling of the sand beneath my toes, the smell of coconut, sleeping in, and buying new office supplies.

I don’t like these things: swimming in the ocean (for fear of being lunch for a shark. No, I’m not kidding), or any natural body of water, for that matter. Cooked mushrooms. Scary bloody movies. The smell of vanilla, especially any kind of body wash or lotion.

Feel free to contact me at 😀 I’d love to hear from you!!!


4 responses to “The Girl Behind The Blog

  1. I hate mushrooms too AND the smell of artificial vanilla! YUCK! I see that you are a runner, do you do swimming and biking? Would you ever compete in a triathlon? (Especially since you don’t like open water.)
    Lisa 🙂

    • Lisa,
      I don’t do biking, really, but it’s something I’ve thought of starting!! I’d probably never do swimming. I will get into a pool but i don’t enjoy it, really. 🙂

  2. That’s because favourite is *supposed* to be spelt with a “u” 😉

    (Yup, I’m English – how did you guess!)

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