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I think I’ve witnessed a weight loss miracle…

…I weighed in on Friday, because of advice from Grandma who told me to face the music and get back on track (thanks Grandma!)

I truly was expecting the worst – a gain, the scale groaning under the added weight, maybe instead of numbers flashing, I’d read “Get off! GET OFFFFFFF! You’re killing me!!!!”

I had a 2.2 pound loss at my WI on Friday.  This is fabulous and terrible all at the same time; it’s fabulous because I reached another milestone – 20% of my starting body weight, GONE! *happy dance.*

It’s terrible because honestly, I had no business losing any weight after the week I had. I ate all of this:

Fishers popcorn, Thrashers french fries, homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. PLUS saltwater taffy, Mexican food, McDonalds, Chik-Fil-A, pizza, cheese….all in copious amounts, with no tracking, and practically no exercise. I ran once. ONCE!

I was all geared up for a gain. I was kind of hoping for a gain. I figured with a gain, it would be the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track and stop eating all this junk.

However, I have been fairly OP since Wednesday. This weekend hasn’t been terrible, so perhaps I’m getting back on track. Slowly but surely…


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Alright. I’ve caved. The lovely ladies over on the WW message boards told me I could use Picnik to do a comparison photo and I decided, what the heck.

So. Here it is. The photo on the left, (obv. the before photo) was taken in April 2009. I wasn’t weighing myself so I don’t know the weight exactly, but it was a lot.

The picture on the right is a “during” pic that I took a few weeks ago, probably about 40 pounds down. (I think I weighed more in the before pic than I did when I actually started WW).

All I can think of when I look at this photo is “Why on Earth did I not start WW earlier?”


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