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60 seconds

I had an epiphany today. (On a side note, isn’t ‘epiphany’ a fantastic word?)

I did C25K Week 3, Day 1 today. I finished Week 2 yesterday and was feeling pretty fantastic. Today, it’s so beautiful outside that I *couldn’t* just sit inside on my break this morning. So, I put on my adidas pants, running shoes, and t-shirt, and decided to take a walk. I was hemming and hawing over whether to just walk or do C25K. I walked to my grandma’s house (30 minute walk. She wasn’t home. *sadness.*) and then as I turned around to come back, I figured “why not?”

So iPpy McSkinny was switched from the gym playlist to the C25K application. I began week three. Week three is a 5 minute warm-up walk, then 90 seconds jogging/running and 3 minutes jogging/running (2x) then a 5 minute cool-down. The 90 second run wasn’t terrible, and neither was the first 3-minute run.

For the first three minute run, I gave myself little milestones….”Just make it to that telephone pole…ok, now to that mailbox….Ok, to that road…” and I made it, and it wasn’t terrible.

The second 3-minute run, however, was excruciating. I got almost 2 minutes in and thought, “Oh, dear God, must rest or die here on the side of the road.” I was having visions of my poor mom driving home from work and finding me splayed out on the side of the road, Korean pop still blaring in my ears.

So, still running, I went to pause iPpy McSkinny and take a breather. iPpy McSkinny, however, wasn’t cooperating. For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to pause it. Then it occurred to me – my big epiphany for the week – I thought, “Kristen, you have one minute left. You can do ANYTHING for one minute. It’s 60 measly seconds. Put your big girl pants on and just do it.”

So, eyes on the countdown the whole time, I slowed  down my running a tad, but I finished the second 3-minute run, albeit with a minor cramp in my side. I did the 5 minute cool-down walk, and by the time the little bell dinged in my ear to tell me my workout was done, I was standing in my front yard.

If I had stopped with 60 seconds to go, I’d have felt like a miserable human being.¬† I’d feel totally craptastic FOR DAYS, tell myself I’m not meant to run, and maybe stop doing C25K altogether. And probably would have eaten the moose tracks ice cream in the freezer for breakfast…

But I didn’t. And I feel *amazing.*

This also made me realize I can apply this thinking to my WW plan. When I think of being on WW for life, sometimes I get really depressed. Now, if I think “Ok, TODAY, for these 24 hours, I will eat healthy and be on plan” it seems much more manageable and less stress-inducing. Does anyone else think of it that way?



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I Did It!

Well, I did a few things.

First, I went out to dinner TWICE IN A ROW and didn’t go insane/over points! *Happy dance.*

On Friday, I went to a movie and dinner with my grandma. Knowing we were going to dinner, I ate healthy but light for breakfast and lunch. I took a 2-point snack to the cinema, and then at dinner I was awesome! I ordered a crab cake, broiled, with a side of new potatoes. Sadly, the potatoes came in some kind of oil-y, buttery sauce so I only ate one and left the rest. I also had some of the house salad with their vinaigrett-y dressing and two small (about 2.5 inches long) breadsticks. I had 20 points when I went to dinner and the nearest I can figure (this restaurant isn’t a chain or anything, so they don’t offer their NI) I ate within my 20 points.

Prior to WW, I’d have ordered some cheesy pasta dish, eaten every bite, ordered a cocktail (or two), maybe an appetizer to share, eaten WAY more than 2 breadsticks, and then probably eaten dessert. Even though I’ve only been doing WW again for 6 weeks, I’m amazed at the amount of (terrible) food I used to eat. At every meal. WW really makes you look at your habits and it has certainly made me realize how out-of-control my eating was.

On Saturday, my mom weighs in. She lost 5 lbs after a few disappointing weeks, so she wanted pizza as a treat. Again, I ate light and didn’t snack, so I went to dinner with about 20 points. I ate 3 slices of thin-crust cheese and veggie pizza and a small handfull of french fries (I estimate about the size of a McD’s medium). I used some weeklies for the fries, but only about 5 or so.

Usually when I go out, especially if it’s a Friday or Saturday, I’m not so good!!! I’m so proud of myself!!!

My OTHER NSV is that I did week 1, day 1 of C25k! My legs are rubbery and my cheeks are beyond pink but it felt so good to be out and moving! I think I will take longer doing C25K, (like, I’ll do week 1 for 2 weeks), but I am now determined to do it all!!!

It felt weird at first, I was self-conscious especially when I would pass people in their driveways or driving or whatever, but I pressed on and finished!

And now, it’s time for a shower.


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