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I rock. Just a little bit. And a war on underwear.

I finished Week 7, Day 1 of C25K yesterday. This included a 5 minute warm-up walk, 25 minute jog, and 5 minute cool-down walk.

First of all, I am still flabbergasted that I can run for 25 minutes without passing out on the side of the road.

Secondly, a miraculous thing happened yesterday! (Well, “miraculous” might be a slight exaggeration, but it was pretty awesome, in my opinion.) I started running and about 5 minutes into it I realized I wasn’t thinking about how I wished I was finished, or telling myself to just make it to the next tree, or any of the stuff I normally do when running. I was simply running, and enjoying it.

I ran 1.6 miles in 25 minutes again. I’m still slow, but that’s ok! Slow is better than not at all, right?

On another note, I am personally waging a war on my underwear.

Some of you may remember the great panty malfunction in February. It ended with me running with my knickers practically around my knees, which isn’t much fun while running. So I cleared out my underwear drawer of all underwear which might not actually stay where it’s supposed to and went on my merry way.

All has been going well except for the fact that I’ve lost 40+ pounds and now the underwear which sat firmly on my bum in February now has a tendency to gravitate south while I run.

I think a shopping trip might be in order.



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Lookin’ like a fool with (my) pant(ie)s on the ground…

So, knowing that snow this evening is possible (nooooooo!) and not wanting to lose the C25K momentum I’ve found myself with, I decided to ¬†go ahead and do W1D2 today instead of waiting until tomorrow, lest there be three inches of snow on the ground.

Let me also say that yesterday was laundry day, and the pickins were slim.

So I wake up this morning, do a little work, and before I shower, I decide to go ahead and get the walk/run in. So I throw on some adidas pants and a UGA sweatshirt, and off I go. I warm up for a little longer than the original 5 minutes, since I did it yesterday too and my thighs are a little sore.

I do the first run, and as the little man on my iPod tells me to start walking again, I slow down, start walking, and realize that my panties are down BELOW my butt. I was wearing the last pair of clean panties in my dresser, and they are, shall we say, perhaps a size-ish too small, and have definitely migrated south. Far, far south.

The old Kristen would have said, “Oh, HELL no!” and turned around and gone home, the errant panties an excuse to miss her workout. Not the new, I’m-Going-To-Get-Fit-If-It-Kills-Me Kristen. She forged on, completed W1D2 of C25K, and feels much better for it.

I came home, showered, and put on a pair of panties that actually fit. The other panties are now in their new home in the trash. My thighs feel like rubber bands, but I will definitely be taking tomorrow off. I may take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, but no C25K.

That is all.


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