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Here it is. My old hair, and my new hair color and style:

I ❤ it!!!

So my hair doesn’t take red well, according to the stylist. It was supposed to be more of a light, fun red, less auburn, but this is what my hair allowed. I love it though!



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She bangs!

When I was in elementary and middle school, my mother was pretty much in charge of my hair. She’d haul me off to the hairdresser and I’d get my hair cut. This typically included a bob-ish type style with bangs.

Having always been a chubby kid, with uber chubby cheeks, I hated the bangs.  Around upper-middle school time, I really wanted to grow them out. I call it the “Great Bang Stand-Off of 1996.” Mom would say I could go ahead and grown them out, and so I’d bobby pin them to the side, starting to train my hair to part in the middle. All would be well for a few months until it got to that length where it looked totally craptastic. As any girl knows, for good hair, sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately, some family or community or school event usually came up that required I not look like a homeless street urchin and mom would again drag me to the hairdresser, who decimated all of my hard work.

This went on for quite some time until I perfected my judo skills and was able to keep her and the hairdresser at bay. Eventually, my bangs were better-trained than one of Cesar Millan’s dogs.

I’ve had this hairstyle since I was 14:

Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, sometimes more fringed around the edges, sometimes with a few layers thrown in, but always basically the same.

I’ve always said that Kate Winslet is my hair idol. When “Titanic” came out, I spent my days daydreaming about Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate’s red hair. I wanted it BAD. I even went to my hairdresser and told her to dye my hair red.

She dyed it a reddish brown. With red highlights. Not quite what I wanted.

I still love Kate Winslet’s hair (well, I love everything about Kate Winslet, really), and in a fantasy world, would love a Kate haircut. However, I know me, and I would never, ever spend the time necessary to make my hair look like this.  I’m not totally delusional.

So, I’ve decided on a compromise of sorts. I am going to channel my inner Kate and go red (really red. Not some stupid pseudo red) with an Ashlee Simpson-like cut. I ❤ the bangs. I ❤ the color. It looks like she just rolled out of bed and washed and blow dried her hair. I am all about it.

And, Kate, I am making this promise to myself now. On my wedding day, I’m totally stealing this hairstyle. (On a sort-of aside – could she BE any more flippin’ gorgeous? I’m not sure it’s possible.)

Anyway, I have to call this week to make the appointment. Kristen’s total hair makeover should be done in a few weeks. As Kathy says, it’s a hot-girl rite of passage. Lose weight, get a bangin’ haircut.

EDIT: The appointment has been made. Monday, April 26th, 3:30 May 3rd, 3:30


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