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Update on Goals/Food Log

So, first of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to my post yesterday. All of your comments were wonderful and I just have to say that I feel so supported by everyone, and it is greatly, greatly appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚ You all are so fantastic. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, since I am 110% committed to getting my butt back on track, I am back today with an update on my progress with the goals I set for myself yesterday. I am hitting this nonsense headfirst.

So, to recap, my plans for this week are:

Throw out all crappy food I bought (Iโ€™m looking at you, Salt and Vinegar potato chips).

The chips are in the trash, ladies and gents. Where they belong.

Go to store. Buy fruits and veggies, other healthy, ww-friendly foods I enjoy but donโ€™t have in the house.

I went to Giant at 8:30 last night and stocked up – I bought apples, bananas, cherries, yogurt, morningstar farms chik patties, lowfat hot dogs, spankin’ new (to me at least) hot dog bun sandwich thins, regular sandwich thins, lettuce, strawberries, a spiffy-looking raspberry vinaigrette dressing, crumbled goat cheese, light tortillas, 2% milk shredded mexican cheese, light string cheese,ย  artichoke and spinach hummus, baby carrots, a few “fresh” WW meals for the days where I have shorter lunch breaks, and some club soda to have with my POM wonderful juice. There was a tense minute in the bakery when I saw some black and white cookies,ย  but, as my friend Kathy would say, I gave them the Heisman trophy arm and ran away, telling myself that my spinach and artichoke hummus would taste way better than a B&W cookie (snorts).

Run 3x/week; 1 day, 1 mile, 1 day, 2 miles, 1 day, 3 miles.

Start sit-up/crunch challenge.

Track everything, even if itโ€™s not healthy food, I need to have it all written down. Actually, Iโ€™m going to track my food for a week on my blog, so I know other people will see what Iโ€™m eating. See Below.

BLOG MORE. Blogging helps me. Doin’ it now. ๐Ÿ˜€

Get back on the WW message boards. They are also helpful for me.

And, finally, my log of what I’ve eaten yesterday and today:


Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 slice of american cheese, sandwich thin.

2 cups cherries

Lunch – full English tea (best friend’s bridal shower). 4 tea sandwiches, 1 scone with clotted cream, taste of pineapple upside down cake, small brownie, macaroon, 3 cups of tea, 3 sugar cubes, 1 cupcake.

Blue Moon Beer (not at the tea shop…obv. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Dinner – mama mary’s personal pizza crust, 1/4 c. mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup pizza sauce.

1/2 container of POM wonderful juice with club soda.

1 cup cherries.

How I feel about yesterday: Obviously the tea lunch was a splurge, but I ate really well for breakfast and dinner, and avoided the temptation to call the day a wash and get McDonald’s for dinner. So, I say Wednesday was a win.


Breakfast – Wallaby Down Under Organic Yogurt, apple, sandwich thin with 1 tbsp. grape jelly.

Snack – archer farms wild berry fruit strip

Lunch – 2 tbsp hummus and 1 serving of baby carrots, 1.5 tbsp light mayo, 1/2 cup tuna fish, 1 cup cherries, 1 string cheese.

Snack – Fiber One Granola bar

Dinner – low-fat hot dog, hot dog bun sandwich thin, tbsp goat cheese with 1 serving wheat thins, 2 servings bagel chips with cheese



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Just call me Farmer Kristen…

Reason number one why I love summer? Fresh from the garden tomatoes.

Tomatoes have always been one of my absolute favourite foods on the entire planet. Seriously, I’ll eat fresh tomatoes until my skin turns a lovely shade of red and I absolutely can’t eat another one.

For the last few years, my family has taken to planting our own veggies in the summer, and my favourite crop, of course, is the tomato.

Last week, I walked out to the back deck to see these beauties:

Three cherry tomato plants, sitting on the back deck, in hanging planters. I almost had a fit, I was so excited. Apparently my dad had gone to a sale at the local high school which has a pretty big agriculture/horticulture program, and they were selling tons of veggie plants and flowers they’d started growing in class. He got all three for under 10 dollars!!! Bargain!!!

Also, check out our little friend chilling in the middle picture: it’s a daddy long legs-looking thing, but I’m not 100% sure. Apparently DLLs (or at least the ones around here…if that is indeed what it is…) love tomato plants, because they’ve been hanging out on them every time I’ve gone out to pick the tomatoes.

On Saturday morning, on my way out to run errands, I grabbed a hand full for a snack. Oh. My. Gosh. They were amazing.

And here is a shot from the huge container I picked on Sunday night:

How amazing do they look??? And the good news is, they TASTE even better than they look. Aw yeah.

We also have some big tomato plants down in our garden, which has started sprouting green peppers already (the garden…not the tomato plant…)! Yay!!!

I can’t really take any credit, however. My dad is the one with the green thumb around here.ย  But I will be happy to reap the benefits :D.

One meal I am *so* excited about is fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette, and tomatoes. I haven’t yet figured out the points on the cheese but believe me, as soon as I do, and as soon as the big tomatoes start coming in, that will be a fairly regular dinner.

What is your favourite summer produce? Do you/can you grow it yourself?

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I’m here! I’m alive! I’m off the wagon!

So I fell off the WW wagon, hard. And then it ran me over a few times.

I don’t know what is going on in my head. I was doing really, really well, then I wasn’t, then I got back on track, then last week…boom. Off.

So, again. Starting today. Tracking. Running. Taking better care of myself in general.


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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a proud graduate of the C25K running program! *cue “Eye of the Tiger”*

I’m not going to lie – I got a little teary when I started the run and was about 5 minutes into it. For one, I honestly never thought I’d be able to finish C25K. I figured I’d start and be all gung-ho, but would let it fall by the wayside, a thousand different excuses at the ready. (I’m the queen of finding excuses for not exercising or eating right).

For another, I can’t even put into words how incredible it feels to actually be *using* my body for something. Before starting WW and C25K, the most exercise I ever got was going upstairs to get the charger for my iPod when iPpy McSkinny got low on juice. And I definitely wouldn’t go upstairs TWICE in a short period of time! Pshaw. I wasn’t taking care of myself at all. Mostly because I was depressed and didn’t know how to yank myself out of the situation.I didn’t see any *reason* to even make the attempt.

It is truly amazing how things can turn around in such a short amount of time. I, for one, am very grateful that I got the push I needed to start making myself as happy and healthy as I possibly can. Honestly, life is too short to spend even a single day miserable and sad. I spent the better part of a year in that state, and I refuse to go back to that.

OK. Now that I’ve gotten the mushy stuff out of the way….Iย  mapped my run on mapquest and here’s a screenshot of my final C25K route!

Mapquest tells me it was 1.02 miles. So, I did 2.04 miles in 30 minutes. I think I can probably do 5K in 50 minutes, which has been my goal all along for the Blue Hen 5K in a few weeks!!!

Eeek. I can’t believe it’s in like….2.5 weeks!!!! I’m really nervous and excited and just all around happy about it!

I still need to make my feathered tshirt though. I should go to Michael’s today and see what I can scrounge up in the way of supplies. ๐Ÿ˜€


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Look who came running with me!

Yeah, that’s totally Nick Carter on my tee. I ran with pride as I rocked my BSB shirt, let me tell you. (Obviously, I have zero shame).

I did week 8, Day 1 (and 2) today!! I ran in the morning, and then felt like going out again this afternoon, so I did! I’m not sure I’ll actually count it as Day 2 done, but who knows. We’ll see.

As I was running this AM, the sun was shining at just the right angle, and I had a pretty good shadow going, and can I just tell you, I have hips again! Wahoo!

A few new songs have been added to the workout playlist along with Tinchy Stryder. You may remember him from yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜€

The newest additions:

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I’ve mentioned the website ted.org on my reading page, and I was thrilled to find that my favourite English chef, Jamie Oliver, had won an award and given a talk.

I’ve watched his show, “Food Revolution,” on ABC since it premiered, (and honestly, my decision to watch it had nothing to do with his zexy accent…I swear…) and I was all about it instantly. I’d started WW a few months prior, so I was seated firmly in the “I’m all about getting healthy!” bandwagon. Shoot, I was driving the bandwagon.

For anyone not following this show, it chronicles Jamie’s attempt to help the town ofย  Huntington, W. VA become healthier. He works with families, schools, and local organizations by trying to educate people about food and attempting to change the school food program.

The program is pretty shocking, to be fair. Early on in the series, Jamie enters an elementary classroom with a table of fruits and vegetables. He holds up vegetables and the kids can’t tell him what they are. Obviously, being a reality TV show, one must realize that they probably edit it to make it look exactly how they want it to look (i.e. SHOCKING!), BUT if even half of what they showed were true, honest responses from the children, then it’s a sad commentary on the state of education, to say the least.

I may not have known how to add in 2nd grade but I sure as hell knew what a tomato was.

What else is shocking, and this is shown in the talk (linked above) is his visit to a woman’s house. He pulled out all the food that the family eats in a week and the table was a sea of fried, greasy brown food. There were no fresh fruits, vegetables, or meats in her fridge or freezer. Everything came from a box.

Now, obviously I’m not exactly one to talk as far as healthy eating, because we all know I’m not the patron saint of healthy food. If I was, I wouldn’t be the weight I am now and needing to lose it. I also might be able to pass a Cadbury Creme Egg without salivating.

However, what I can say is that I did this to myself. I mean, truly. When I was a child, my parents cooked what Jamie would call “real” food. Pasta and sauce for dinner, eggs for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch…We didn’t eat a ton of processed food, and we barely ate fast food. It wasn’t until I got my drivers license that I started to eat a lot of junk.

When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to have any cereal that turned the milk a different color. I used to joke and say that if you ate the lucky charms fast enough, it didn’t have the chance to turn my milk pink. Mom was generally unamused and would then hand me the box of rice krispies.

We also weren’t allowed to have kool-aid, which killed my social life in 6th grade, let me tell you. My friends always wanted to go to the house of the girl whose mom let them have kool-aid. Boo and hiss.

Another difference was that my lunch was often packed for me. I didn’t start buying school lunches until later in middle school, and even then it was only occasionally. I really started buying it a lot in high school, once I had a job and could pay for them myself. The school chicken nuggets kicked the crap out of my nasty (in my eyes, anyway) tuna sandwich.

In all seriousness though, what I notice about a lot of the people on the show (and again, it might be the editing) is that many of these kids don’t have access to healthy food. Certainly, in the case of the family Jamie works with, this seems to be the case. They eat fried, processed food at home. They eat fried, processed food at school. When, exactly, are they supposed to eat “real” food?

I was very lucky in that I had access to that food, and now, in my WLJ, I know how to cook and how to plan meals. I know what I have to do. Sadly, I think a lot of the people on the show truly don’t.

Anyway I guess the point of this was to share Jamie’s talk on ted.org. So…yeah. Go watch it! If you’ve watched the show on ABC, it’s a lot of the same stuff but he’s amazing and charismatic and wonderful, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve heard it all before.

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I CAN do it!

I finished week one of C25K this week! Well, on Wednesday, actually. I am SO excited!!! Starting off, I was sure I’d try it and bomb miserably and give up and eat a twinkie. But oh no, I didn’t! I finished week one and feel amazing.

I start week 2 sometime this weekend. Maybe tomorrow morning before I start work. Or Maybe Sunday. I’d like to do one more day of week 1 before I start, though, so I think Sunday might be best.

A friend of mine is also doing C25K (she’s on week 3) and she messaged me earlier this week about doing a charity run/walk (5K) with her in April. I doubt I’ll be able to run the entire way but I think it will be really great motivation and something to work towards, so I told her to sign me up! I’m actually really excited. And really, I never thought I’d say I was excited about RUNNING!

On another note, I lost 1.6 lbs this week! Yay me! Since it’s friday, and kind of my “free” day, I’m going to my absolute favorite restaurant EVER. I am a bit of a fan of Mexican food, so we’re going to a place called La Tolteca. Oh man, is it good.

I ate a really light breakfast and lunch in preparation. I am going to get my favorite (chicken taco salad, no beans, extra tomato!) and eat some chips/salsa. I will, however, skip the margarita and the cheese dip. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that’s a decent compromise, don’t you?


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