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I Love Cooking (and Gabourey Sidibe)

…well, I love cooking for the most part. I really have to be in the mood, otherwise it’s just a disaster. If I’m not into it, I get really listless and generally ruin things.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but my awesome momma is doing WW as well (and doing faboosh!) and we try to cook something new once a week. So yesterday I scoured my go-to recipe sites, and settled on a recipe from Gina’s WW Recipe blog . I’d been eyeing the swiss and broccoli wrapped in chicken for awhile, and decided to just go for it. I also decided to make the potato leek soup for lunches this week, so I went to the store to buy the few things we needed for those.

First of all, leeks are apparently either crazy expensive now, or my local grocery store thinks an awful lot of theirs. I didn’t buy them because they were ridonkulously expensive.

Second of all, it’s a good thing my mom is a bangin’ cook, and smart overall, because I am a total flake. The recipe called for the chicken to be really thin but fairly wide across (for rolling the cheese and broccoli inside) and flake-tastic me is trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to cut the chicken into cutlets, not strips. Well, mom quickly informed me I could cut the breasts in half and just pound them out. Were it not for her, I’d still be trying to figure that out.

So basically, we make the chicken, and it was amaaaaaaaazingly yummy.

I also had a salad with mine. I had spring mix lettuce, baby spinach, fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, tortilla salad strips, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

We also steamed the rest of the broccoli and also some fresh asparagus. I was STUFFED after eating all of that yummy food.

We also made the soup, though we used chicken broth instead of chicken stock that the recipe calls for. I tasted it before I put it away, and it was awesome! It’s a *little* more watery than I usually prefer, so I think the next time I make it, I’m going to add another potato and just a tad more milk.

On a totally unrelated note – Did anyone see Gabourey Sidibe on the Oscar carpet with Gerard Butler? This girl is my new idol.

You’d have to lift my jaw off the floor with a freaking backhoe were I within a mile of Gerard Butler, and here she is, new to Hollywood, refusing to buy into the whole “You must resemble a stick insect” thing, and totally owning it. I ❤ you, Gabourey. I ❤ you.



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Oh, Dessert, I Love You

So, luckily for me I can often turn down rich, chocolaty desserts. There is a chocolate cake that my mom makes that is knock-your-undies-off good, but since she’s on WW with me, we shan’t be making it any time soon.

HOWEVER, I do love sweets, especially fruity-tarty sweets. I try not to make them often because (a) I’d rather eat lower-point, more filling foods, and (b) my mom isn’t a big dessert person, so half of it would go bad.

Last night we invited my grandma for dinner and we made a dessert that I found on my first WW go-round back in 04-05.

It is so yummy and worth it that I just felt the need to share it with the world. I call it a Lemony-Goodness Pie but I think the actual name is Lemon-Blueberry Pie. (You’re supposed to put fresh blueberries on top).

Here is the recipe I used:

8 oz 1/3-less fat Philly Cream Cheese

8 oz Cool Whip Lite

1 – 2 tsp crystal light lemonade mix (or any other brand, depending on how lemon-y you want it).

2 tsps of milk (optional).

Keebler reduced-fat ready graham cracker pie crust.

Using an electric hand-held mixer (if available), mix cream cheese and dry lemonade mix (and milk, if you choose to use it), then mix in entire container of cool whip. Put in pie crust. Top with berries (optional).

That’s it. It’s easy, it’s yummy, and I calculated it at 5 points for 1/8 of the pie (without berries). (I was an English major, so math is not my strong suit. I strongly recommend calculating this yourself, if you choose to make it, rather than relying on my pitiful math skills :D).

I’ve also made it where I didn’t put it in a pie crust and just ate it as a mousse-y dessert with fresh berries on top, and it’s uber-delicious then as well.

Yummy Lemon Pie!

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