My Bucket List

Some of these things are really easy, one might say. So why haven’t I done them before? Well, in the case of some of these,my weight keeps me from doing a lot of things I want to do. (like the french lingerie – if I’m going to pay that amount of money for so little fabric, I’m going to look as awesome in it as possible). In other cases (*cough* finishing a book *cough,*), well….I just haven’t had the time (read: I can be lazy). Hopefully as I get more self-confidence as my weight goes down, I’ll accomplish a lot more of the things on this list!

So, without further adieu, Kristen’s Bucket List:

Go Bungee Jumping.

Buy French lingerie – in France!

Hit goal weight.

Figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

Get M.A.

Go to Prague.

REALLY learn to knit. Successfully make a scarf.

Get married (under the Kissing Arches at UD, preferably).

Live in 4 different countries.

Become fluent in French.

Get a massage.

Buy ridiculously expensive, totally impractical shoes, just because I like them.

Visit friends in Australia.

Buy chocolate in Belgium.

Actually finish one of the novels that I’ve started.

Wear a blue wig, a la Katy Perry in California Gurls. (no, I’m totally serious).

Run a 5K.

Run a 10K

Meet Nick Carter. (again, I am totally, 100% serious I ❤ that fool).


6 responses to “My Bucket List

  1. Great list. 🙂 You can totally run a 5k!

    • I hope so! I’ve picked one in June. I have 4 more weeks of C25K and then hopefully will be able to try and reduce my time for a few weeks before the race! I’m so nervous/excited!

  2. Megan O

    Wait- you’ve NEVER had a massage? Seriously? How is this possible? Well, luckily you are related to one of the best massage therapists this side of the Mississippi. We shall remedy this pronto when you get back stateside.

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