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My pants are getting to be very well-travelled.

There are a lot of fabulous things about losing weight: increased self-esteem, the ability to run up a flight of stairs without being out of breath at the top, doctors telling you to keep up the good work, increased energy, the yummy REAL food, shopping for new clothes, chucking the stuff that doesn’t fit….

The downside to losing weight? Having to actually go out and BUY the new clothes. Clothes are expensive!

A few months ago when I was too small for my dress slacks, I figured I’d go to Goodwill and get some. And I *love* Goodwill, but the one here (and some others, I’ve heard…I don’t know if it’s all of them) sort their clothes by COLOUR. Not by size. I stood there and went through rack after rack of pants and found every conceivable size except the one I needed. I gave up, my dreams of cheap, cute pants dashed to a bazillion pieces. *sniffle.*

So I sucked it up and went to Lane Bryant and bought a pair of jeans that I loved and that fit me well.

Here’s me paddleboating in said jeans:

And me sitting with my mom:

Sadly, I only had them for a few months before they were falling off my now-smaller butt. I said to myself, “Self, clothes are expensive. Why not send these to a fellow WW-er and save them from having to shell out money for a new pair of jeans??”

So off to the message boards I went, to ask if anyone wanted my pants. Another boardie, Katie, messaged me and said she did, so we exchanged e-mail addresses and she gave me her addy and I stuck my pants in the mail.

And here’s Katie with the pants! I didn’t want any money or shipping for them; my only requests were that she (a) send me a picture so I could blog about it :D, and (b) pass them on when she’s out of them!

After I posted about my pants, on the board, a great idea was born. A clothing swap. We set up a group on facebook and got the ball rolling. We take photos or just list the clothing that’s too big for us. You call dibs, it’s yours. It’s basically an honour system, send-one-get-one type thing, but sometimes people ask for help with shipping if they send a lot of stuff out, which is totally understandable. Shipping can be expensive.

I love our little clothing swap group! I’ve sent out a few boxes, and received a few as well! Pictures and another post to follow soon! 😀

How do you handle having to buy new clothes so frequently on your weight loss journey?



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