Meet Sammy

So, knowing that I am completely obsessed with sharks (and not in a good way. In a “Oh-god-please-don’t-make-me-go-into-the-water-because-the-sharks-will-eat-me” way), while shopping at Ikea last weekend, the BF bought me a shark puppet. That’s right. A. Shark. Puppet.

Meet Sammy:

And because we are both uber dorks who are way too easily amused, we, of course, took Sammy on a little tour of Liverpool.

Sammy at the Albert Dock

Sammy at the big wheel

Group photo!

Being an American, I can get away with kind of ridonkulous behaviour. They expect us to be a bit crazy, really. It just pleases me to no end that the BF goes along with (and ENJOYS!) it as well.

And Sammy was so good on his day out, we bought him a treat before going home:

Sammy nomming on a McFlurry

So, the you’ve met the newest member of my English group. Expect more shenanigans to follow.



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3 responses to “Meet Sammy

  1. LOL! Those photos of Sammy cracked me up! Thanks, i needed a laugh today!!

  2. Kelly

    That is soooo funny!!! I love it!!
    Love ya

  3. Haha, cute pictures! Fortunately Sammy looks more interested in eating the McFlurry than in eating you.

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