Closet Shopping!

Guess who went shopping? Guess who didn’t have to spent any money on said shopping trip?

That’s right. This girl.

I did the BEST kind of shopping ever – closet shopping! And boy, did I find some awesome stuff (none of which fit at all before!)

NY&Co Cami and Old Navy white shirt:


DKNY tank & same Old Navy shirt:

“Casualty of Love” t shirt. I bought this when I went to see “The Wedding Singer” on Broadway:

And last but certainly not least, the coolest hat in the world:

Ok. Admittedly, this fit before. I just had to show you. I know you’re jealous. This hat is guarded by a fierce guard dog, I’ll have you know. Lest any of you have any sneaky ideas about stealing it.

Guard dog:




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5 responses to “Closet Shopping!

  1. What a cute puppy!!!! 😀

    I love closet shopping. I find so many things I forgot I had–or didn’t previously fit into!

  2. Thank you! His name is Gatsby, and he’s not a puppy anymore – he’s almost 2 now, but I just ❤ that picture!!!!

    Closet shopping is the best. I know I have another box of clothes somewhere in storage. I am determined to find them this weekend!!!

  3. kristlynngirl

    Adorable little dog! Almost as tough as my 7 pound guard dog, I’m sure, lol.

  4. kathy

    i too have hit the “shop at the back of my closet” and it’s a really good feeling to be able to rock clothes in a smaller size.

    btw, love that pic of the gats-man!!

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