Thin Mints – 1, Kristen – 0

The thin mints wore me down. I ❤ these stupid cookies, and ate almost a whole box this weekend. Blech.

Overall the weekend wasn’t a total shambles, really. I ate light Friday knowing I’d go out for Mexican that night. I probably ate more chips and dip than necessary but they were good and I totally don’t regret it.  I definitely used my 22 saved points and probably most of my weeklies.

Saturday I was helping my dad to clean my childhood home, which is going on the market soon. We ate McD’s for lunch, BUT I got a hamburger and small fry (10 ww points) so lunch was not blown.

For dinner, Subway. I was within points here as well though I did eat some potato dipper things from Arby’s. Then the thin mints.

So overall, I didn’t follow the GHGs at all BUT I’d estimate I was only over points by maybe 10-15 for the week? Which, given what it could have been, isn’t too bad.

I have to remember that before WW, I ate like that EVERY SINGLE DAY. Actually, I ate much worse than that on a daily basis. Now, days or weekends like that are definitely the exception rather than the norm, so when it happens I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off, and hop back on the wagon, (and not take the thin mints with me).



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9 responses to “Thin Mints – 1, Kristen – 0

  1. Isn’t it crazy to think about eating habits before WW? I used to eat so much crap on an every day basis, which really puts it in perspective when I feel guilty about splurging. It’s pretty eye opening!

  2. iugirl

    UGHHHH.. Samoas were my weakness this weekend. Have you checked the points on those cookies?! I’m not looking forward to WI this week.

  3. down home diva

    Girl Scout cookies are really evil. Cute little girls, with big puppy eyes, hawking their death cookies outside of the supermarket… I have to pretend to be on the phone to avoid the guilt.

  4. kathy

    i totally forgot it was gsc season as i was running around getting ready for vacay….until i saw a troop outside the walgreens. i felt like a total heel but i had to give them the heisman trophy strong arm and keep it moving.

    thin mints and samoas. boo AND hiss!!!

  5. Girl Scout Cookies are the devil!! My boyfriend bought us a few boxes last week and damn, those Samoas have been calling my name! 😦 They are just so good!

    It’s great that you recognize that you’ve changed your eating habits. It’s pretty shocking to remember how I *USED* to eat.

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